What is included in “Raw Footage of Key Events”?

Raw footage of key events is traditionally dances, tosses, as well as speeches. With Reality you can also ask prior to the wedding for certain portions to also be recorded or provided to you after.

How will my digital download be delivered?

We deliver all digital downloads via dropbox as well as a vimeo link.

How do I pay for Reality Weddings?

Our initial deposit is 50% to book the date. If you wedding is more than a year away, you can speak with a representative about a payment structure, though 50% of the total payment will be due within a year of your wedding to secure booking.

What are forms of payment for Reality Weddings?

We only take credit or debit card for forms of payment through our payment portal.

How many videographers will be shooting my special day?

For our weddings we used either 1 or 2 videographers depending on the size and need of your wedding. The majority of our weddings there is one staffer at your ceremony and reception. We assure you that there is no difference in quality based on the number of RW staff at your special event.

Can I share my video or footage?

Yes, you will have full rights to all footage and videos upon us sending them to you.

What is the turnaround on RW video?

We pride ourselves on turnaround time! We make sure to get your video and raw footage back to you within two months of your ceremony. We state two months solely due to peak times of weddings and the time fluctuates due to multiple weddings within the same month. You will certainly receive your wedding within that time frame.

Does RW do aerial footage as well?

Yes, we do Aerial/Drone footage for weddings. All of our flights must be in safe fly zones as directed by the FAA. If you buy a package with Aerial footage, though we are in a no fly zone, we will advise prior to the wedding.

What if the Bride & Groom are getting ready in different locations?

We prefer weddings that the Bride and Groom get prepared in the same location and at the venue of the ceremony. If the Bride and Groom are getting prepared in separate locations, we will likely give priority to the Bride’s location and will gather all groom final details at the venue. We will speak through this with your planner or coordinator prior to the wedding. Locations of preparation more than 15 minutes away from the venue are nor preferred and a Reality Weddings representative will speak you through additional costs/details.

Does RW do feature films or 30-40 minute variations?

Unfortunately we do not do longer movie length versions of wedding recaps. We specialize in 4-6 minute highlights and give our couples raw footage of several key events throughout the day.

Does RW do destination weddings?

Yes, we certainly will travel for your special day! Accommodations and or travel expenses will be discussed with your RW representative if you are having a cruise wedding, abroad or a wedding outside the state of Florida.